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The IRS estimates that American’s pay over $1 billion too much in taxes.  Are you one of the millions of American taxpayers overpaying the IRS and overlooking deductions year after year?  As a Certified Tax Coach we scour the tax code and thoroughly examine each client’s income and business options to rescue every deduction, tax advantage, and credit possible. We also emphasize year-round proactive planning to ensure that our clients utilize every available loophole and savings opportunity possible.

EA and CPA are valuable marks.  However, they can indicate a variety of specialties, and indicate what they are, not how they benefit you.  Certified Tax Coaches are a leading group of tax professionals who are specially trained in the art of long term, proactive tax planning. In addition to their standard certifications and tax degrees, As Certified Tax Coaches we are required to complete comprehensive education focusing on high-impact tax planning strategies. Certified Tax Coaches are also required to adhere to the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches Code of Ethics which provides assurance that the strategies and ideas used to create your plan stay within the boundaries of the law.  The AICTC upholds a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the highest standards of integrity and excellence among its members.

When you work with a Certified Tax Coach, you get more than just a tax return.  You get a team of strategists to help ensure you are paying the lease amount of taxes legally allowed by implementing a customized strategy to take advantage of every available break.

Certified Tax Coaches emphasize proactive methods and strategies. Unlike ordinary tax professionals, Certified Tax Coaches do not simply record a client’s history – they work to create a history and expert tax profile in order to present new opportunities for tax savings. If you are a business owner, own real estate, or manage your own investments, you are most likely missing out on opportunities to use these opportunities as tax breaks. Certified Tax Coaches can also assist you in choosing investments that reward you with increasing tax savings. As a Certified Tax Coach, Becky works to purposefully design the most tax-efficient portfolio for you.
Elkhorn Resource Group offers tax maintenance packages to insure you are proactively taking advantage of strategies throughout the year to minimize your tax liability. Elkhorn also offers accounting, business consulting, human resource management services and website design and maintenance.

Who We Serve

We offer tax mitigation strategies specifically designed for agriculture operations as well as those with mineral and gas interests.

Our tax planning services are highly effective for successful businesses grossing more than $300,000 each year.


Elkhorn Resource Group provides Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Professionals with customized tax reduction strategies.

We provide doctors, dentists, and accomplished medical professionals with a comprehensive tax strategy customized to build wealth and minimize your effective tax rate.

Our creative tax solutions preserve assets for high net worth families, landowners, entrepreneurs, business owners and professional athletes. We’ll work with you to craft a personalized plan to minimize your overall tax burden.


Rebecca J. Gitthens

Becky is a Wyoming-licensed CPA with over 25 years’ experience in public and corporate accounting, tax preparation, business consulting and auditing.  She  has a lifetime of experience as an agricultural producer, employee and leader.  She speaks the language and understands the lifestyle and unique challenges facing the ag industry.  In addition, Becky is experienced as a mediator, meeting facilitator and is a skilled communicator.

As well as being a CPA, Becky is one of only 700 Certified Tax Coaches in the United States, and is a Quickbooks Online Certified ProAdvisor.

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